My Everyday Essentials Collection Part 1

So, with the introduction out of the way, I thought I might as well get cracking and show you all the products I am a particular fan of.  These are a mixture of my everyday essentials as well as the little new purchases that have snuck their way into my collection. This collection will be split into four parts: Hair, Skin Care, Body Care and finally Cosmetics otherwise you'd be here all night, bored. Let's begin.

I am an avid buyer of the latest hair care ranges as I'm still yet to find 'the one'. Maybe I'm just pursuing a ghost as I am just never happy despite some of the products working just fine - I'm too much a fan of change.

My hair is pretty difficult - it's naturally wavy, which, on occasion can look quite nice without styling. But it's little bugger when it comes to products - becomes greasy very quickly, so I have to avoid all those heavy duty conditioners, yet I need the moisture they provide. Now, I just leave that job to the weekly John Frieda Full Repair Conditioning Mask.

From Left to Right:
Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo,

Schwarzkopf Gliss - Liquid Silk Express-Repair Leave-in Conditioner,

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster and Detangler Spray,

VO5 Miracle Oil,

Pantene Coloured Hair Conditioner

Although it's pictured here, the Pantene Coloured Hair Conditioner is one of those residue leavers - it just does not sit well in my hair, always leaving my hair sticky despite how hard I rinse my hair. It's one of those things - I try and give it another chance each time I pop in the shower, but then I am disappointed all over again. When will I learn?!
I do however love the Elvive Triple Resist collection - really does make my hair feel stronger and reduce the amount of hair I shed. Recommend!

When it comes to styling, I have to admit I am pretty lazy; I think it's more the dislike of damaging my hair - I used to be a devoted user of the straighteners and tongs throughout my teens, but after seeing the damage it did, I'm a little hesitant to use them again on a regular basis. I use them on occasion when I wear it down, but that's only probably about once a week nowadays.
As I'm in University regularly, I don't always feel the need to get up that extra 15 minutes earlier just to do something with it.  For me, it's a quick top knot/half loop and I'm done. Voila:

I would love for you to give me any tips or ideas on any other quick hair-do as I think I'm wearing this style out...


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