Welcome to the Blogosphere

I'm so excited to finally be writing my very first blog post. As a typical girl, I'm a sucker for anything beauty and fashion related; finding myself continually and unnecessarily buying products inspired by the various bloggers and YouTubers I'm subscribed to. Being a devoted blog reader and YouTube watcher for several years, I have found myself being able to pluck up the courage and eventually delve into this hobby of mine and talk about the normal everyday happenings of a 20 something student. What could go wrong?!

As I've mentioned, I am a beauty hoarder, which ranges from all things body, hair, face and make-up - always being told off by the boyfriend (and rightly so) for coming home with some new additions to the family. Saying this, my cosmetic collection is still quite tame to many I've seen, but with my current buying pattern, and the starting of this blog page, it will soon change. But don't worry, I won't always be focused on the beauty side of life as I'm not exactly a guru, nor do I have an unlimited bank balance: I'm a self-confessed jabberer, so I thought it would also be nice to share the general goods too.

Anyhoo, I think that's enough from me for now until next time...

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