Unsung Heroes #1

So, I thought it was about time to get back up on the blogging horse and become a truly committed sharer of all things Katie. And for the absence, I apologise; university and everyday life really got the better of me, but now here I am again. 

With this return, I thought I'd start a series focusing on the little gems that I love, which don't get the love that they should. 

To start, here's my first unsung hero and everyday go to item:

This babe of a product, which can be found here, has been a long-term friend of mine, and always will be. It works wonders on my skin, doesn't feel drying or stripping, but refreshing and soothing due to its water like consistency, nor does it leave a film on afterwards. The naturally occurring AHA in it means that over time, my skin is receiving gentle exfoliation, which really does leave it brighter and smoother.

I should state that my skin type is combination to oily but also with the odd dry patch around my nose, and with using of this I feel it compliments me - my skin is never irritated or sore after this, although, I am lucky in that my skin isn't particularly sensitive. I use it after cleansing, both morning and night and the results have been great. Plus, it's a bargain.

Have you tried this product? What's your number one unsung hero?


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