Lady Gaga 'Fame' Eau de Parfum

So, bit of a different post from me, but it's just too beautiful not to share with you. I was lucky enough to have received Lady Gaga's Fame EDP (amongst other things) from my lovely 'Mum-in-Law' for my birthday last week and as someone who usually tries to avoid celebrity endorsed perfumes mainly because I'm dubious about the quality, this truly has proven me wrong.

For me, this scent is completely up my street - it's a warm scent with amber and vanilla type notes, very sultry and seductive so more for evening wear, but I can't get enough. Not particularly sweet either, thankfully, it's a great take on a sexy fragrance, slightly maturer. It's very similar to my favourite scent: Ralph Lauren's Hot perfume, something that sadly went missing a while back, so I'm really happy to have found something so similar!
 And yes, it's black; it's 'the first ever black Eau de Parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne'. Nifty. 

The quality in terms of lasting power is superb considering it comes at a bargain price, surviving a full afternoon of shopping and then some. I couldn't recommend this anymore highly, if a warmer sultry fragrance is something you're in the market for or just to add to your collection.
Plus, the bottle is a little bit gorgeous too, very individual, and of good quality, nothing feels particularly cheap - a great product all round.

Bravo Lady G - you did good.

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