Styling on a Budget

So, I, like many of you out there dream of an Olivia Palermo wardrobe but without the budget. I present to you my simple, every day personal tips that I use to keep my style fresh and maintain a (relatively) healthy bank account.

1. Versatility is key. The number one question I ask myself when I'm feeling a bit of a spree is: 'Can I wear this item for day/work/night?' If no, then out of the basket it comes as, unless of course it's for a very special occasion, I won't be getting the value for money that I should be. This will save you both time and money piecing together more outfits.

2. Trends. It is a somewhat pet peeve of mine who follow trends to the letter and as soon as there's a whiff of an item becoming out of season, they drop it. Of course, do what you feel comfortable and happy with, but if that's wearing something you still love despite it being 'so last season', why not wear it? This is why I stick to my first tip - as long as it's a versatile piece and it makes you look and feel good, don't adhere to pressure. A change in accessories are usually enough to change up and freshen an outfit anyway.
You see trends come back around anyway, so whatever's 'out' right now is most likely to be seen again sometime in the future. 

3. Do your research. Now this one is pretty obvious, but something I follow nonetheless. I'm pretty good with sticking to a particularly small budget so my choice of shops are limited. If I see something I really do love (usually from Topshop), I know there are going to be some great cheaper versions, if not the real deal, on sites such as eBay and Depop, ASOS Marketplace and many more. 8 times out of 10 do I usually find it, or a better alternative!

Online shopping in general (surprisingly) stops me from making impulse purchases as, unlike some stores, I don't feel pressured to make a decision. I know there are several alternatives I can view and price compare from the comfort of my sofa. 

4. Be patient. For me, I see something that I just can't quite justify paying full price for, in most cases, you're likely to see them again in seasonal sales. ASOS is great at doing this, I restrained myself from buying a pair of Pull & Bear sling backs just hoping they would be waiting for me in the sale one day and just a few weeks later, there they were.
Also, ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo more often than not will have some great spontaneous discount periods, so it's definitely worth watching out for.

5. Avoid replicating. For me, finding my style has taken me some time, and I've found that rushing into purchases has resulted in severe post-purchase regret and unworn items. It is a bit boring, but evaluating your wardrobe needs prior a shopping trip really does save you money. There's most likely the odd piece that you've forgotten about and so this helps you avoid making dupe purchases.
Asking the question 'Do I really need this?' is probably the best thing for keeping the splurges to a minimum.


I know some of these are a bit on the obvious side, but getting into a mindset during or prior a shopping splurge can really help you save those pennies!

Have you got any style saving tips? 

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