Sheer Blouse, Textured Leggings

Shirt: H&M, Leggings: H&M, Peep-toe Boots: ASOS, Bag: Primark, Headband: Primark

So, it's been a stress filled week and getting out of the house to enjoy the sun was the perfect way to relax a bit and get some vitamin D. With the weird sun, rain, sun rain with wind weather we're having currently (hence the squinty face) doesn't give us much choice in terms of outfits at the mo so I decided to opt for a layered muted look, something I've been liking for a while - simple and easy. Sheer long line top underneath to create something floaty. And these leggings - they had me at hello, just adding some texture really changes things. The boots are just so comfortable and transitional, which is as you may know, what I seek in all my pieces. Add a floral headband for a touch of spring/summer and you're good to go.

Anyway, back to my last and final assignment of University. I can't believe the 3 years has been and gone, but I cannot wait! Been a long time coming. This time next week, instead I will be an unemployed graduate roaming the streets of Newcastle distributing my CV like confetti. Wish me luck!

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