Let's Talk Joints & Aches

So, it's a bit of a different one from me, but my joints and aches have always been a bit of an issue for me, and I think I've found a solution that really works for me. Therefore, I wanted to write about it with the aim to hopefully help some of you too.

I pretty much accepted that from a young age I was likely to end up arthritic as I was always the one with clicking joints and after a bout of exercise (which was all the time) I would be prone to soreness and pain in my joints, and with this I noticed it was getting worse: even walking into town my hips felt as though they were eroding and on nights out, I would have to stop dancing as my knees would just seize and ache like no one's business. Of course I was aware of the power of Cod Liver Oil, but I was a bit naive, lazy and didn't necessarily see the miraculous, instantaneous benefits. However, I grew up a bit and realised that I was neglecting something particularly important and quite annoying. 

With a bit of quick research I came across 'Glucosamine Sulphate', a major structural component found within joint tissue and not found in any major food sources and although produced naturally in the body, I was obviously lacking (see link for more info). Such information with some further review research I gave the tablets a go in conjunction with Cod Liver Oil and I can safely say I've never felt better, even after just a couple day's use I could tell my body was lapping them up and saying thank you. I click far less, my knuckles don't throb or ache, my hips feel healthier as well as my knees. See, I like to squat and do the cardio exercises and I felt really restricted as my hips, even with appropriate pre-workout stretching just would protest and cause me a lot of pain. Yet now, I am far more flexible and can maximise my workouts. I've had no side effects and therefore, I can't recommend this stuff highly enough!

Glucosamine and cod liver oil treatments seem to be so varied in price, and from the main stores such as Holland & Barrett, and Boots, they're frickin' expensive. I had a little route around, and with the guidance of my OH who uses MyProtein, I found that they also did a range of supplements too and at such great prices without compromising on quality. They always have numerous discounts on including student discounts, so really, you cannot go wrong, and at over half the price at many other retailers especially for the 1000mg which I definitely need. 120 tablets in a bottle, so really, it's a bit of a steal and it coincides, fortunately, with the same time as the OH needs to restock on his protein too.

Sorry for the lengthy post guys, but I hope it helps and even if you don't necessarily have poor joints to the same severity as I do, I like to also see it as a preventative method just as with anti-ageing beauty products - it's nice to know that perhaps I'm contributing to the future. 

Please let me know if you have the same/similar problems or if you know of any other supplements I should be aware of.


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