NSpa Goodness

So, not your average go-to body care brand, but Nspa products have really impressed me - bought amongst my weekly Asda shop, this brand has the bonus of convenience. I haven't exactly delved fully into the products, but the two I've tested; the coconut body butter and the raspberry body scrub are just simply divine, not only in scent but their performance too. The body butter is so thick, rich and nourishing and the fragrance really lingers on your skin and considering their price (2 for £4), they've outdone themselves. I do feel however I tend to use a lot of the product, but since they're such bargains, I can't really complain. 

As for the scrub, it really is a daily scrub type of texture - light with very small exfoliating particles, so it's great for day-to-day use and I like it for pre-tanning. Again, the smell...holy mother - it's good. So refreshing with the perfect balance of sweetness and it doesn't have that artificial tang. Goodness overload.

When you're next in Asda, guys, don't hesitate to try their range. They have an array of the body butters in different scents, perfect for each nose. I'm eyeing up the shower gels next.


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