A/W Wishlist

Although I've had to put my spending on a naughty step, I still find myself lusting over a few items I can somehow justify to both myself and the other half.  I say it every year about a few key pieces in my wardrobe 'Oh that will last me seasons; no need to buy any next year.' Yet, it doesn't stop the eye from wandering...

Homeware: It's not just the contents of my wardrobe that I like to switch up in preparation for the colder months. I like to just mix up some textures and metals in the home and go on some sort of weird rota I have - switching them place to place to keep things fresh and interesting.

Clothing: My style is most definitely clean and simple; I only invest in versatile pieces. Quality shirt and fitting jeans sums me up. I add edge and interest in my accessories such as coats and shoes. I feel that the beautiful faux fur tippet will add some oomph as well as the obvious warmth. And those boots...! Simple yet striking with the quality detail in the heel. 

I'm in the market for a new bag, but despite my endless research has left me empty handed. I have the case of 'I know what I want, but can't find it'. Mid-length shoulder bag with chain strap (think Vintage Chanel-esque pure gold double chain) with a unique twist. If you know anything like that, please hit me up.

However, for when I'm just tending to the household chores, you'll most likely find me in a cosy, yet fugly dressing gown. I feel it's time to introduce the more visually appealing lounge-wear and stop being a frump, and this H&M beauty is just what I've been looking for.

Beauty: Cue the eye rolls...Yes. That perfume. Upon its release, it was a feature on everyone's blog feed, and I think for good reason. Not one to necessarily follow the crowd, in this case I can't help it - the scent is a stunner and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Warm, oh-so sexy and delicious. Maybe something for the Christmas list. 

Nars Audacious lipsticks are my ultimate. So pigmented and beautifully matte. The shade I have my eye on is in 'Anna' ever since Vivianna Does Makeup sported it in a post. I can't find an exact dupe anywhere! I've found similar shades, but always either sacrificing the stunning formula or the unique colour. I always have the belief that if there's a doppelgänger, then why waste your hard earned money? Only spend where necessary. 

Anything that's caught your eye?


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