Berry Nail Favourites

Red Black | Raspberry | Pomegranate | Sugar Plum | Lap of Honour

After stopping my bi-weekly gel nail appointments, I've fallen in love with painting my nails again. There's always a shade range that suit me whether tanned or pale - berry. No matter which variation. Routing through my collection I realised that all my autumnal favourite colours happened to be Barry M; an affordable brand dominating my collection, offering every nail varnish colour under the sun. 

I love the majority of the Barry M formulas, particularly the original nail paint as they're simple and easy to apply. The 'Gelly' and 'Speedy' range do have the fantastic fat brushes that make application simpler, but with the quick dry their formulas can be slightly too streaky and with the gel, sometimes too goopy. Thin layers are key. However, I can't fault the colours across the board. If you fancy something different whether brights or more muted neutrals, head over to their stand and you can't go wrong. 

Do these last on me? Not particularly. 2 days is about the expected duration, but no brand does. Not Sally Hansen, not OPI even with stay in place top coats. When you have to do the housework, run errands and have those long soaks in the bath, you'd be asking for a lot for the polish to stay put considering they cost only between £2.99 and £3.99. But look how pretty. One for every mood and day of the week. My favourite might just have to be 'Sugar Plum', there aren't many colours anywhere that rival this and his been on my toes consistently for months. A sophisticated take on a purple-pink.

What are your favourite berry shades?


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