Epilating: Worth the pain?

As a result of living without hot water for two weeks after moving house (landlord problems) we had cold baths leaving no opportunity for shaving. Being quite hair suit and summer approaching, a no, no. Hello epilator! After a poor experience with my first epilating experience two years ago, I was reluctant to give it another go, but ladies, if you do it properly, it's a life changer.

I opted for the Braun Silk-Epil 7 suitable for both wet and dry environments bundled with 5 head attachments (one for shaving, trimming, facial epilation and a sensitive cap). As for epilators, this one is efficient if not a tad noisy, but does a great job of grabbing even tiny hairs. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. 

I've been cursed with dark, coarse hair and yes, that makes for a slightly more uncomfortable initial experience. However, the rumours are true...it gets easier. Your hair will get finer eventually resulting in more comfortable sessions. Think when you first started plucking your eyebrows - painful, right? And now, the pain's dissipated? After 3 months, I'm finally now getting to that stage. It is supposed to be more bearable in the bath or shower, but personally, I don't notice a difference wet or dry and simply get on with it whilst watching TV. 

The key to successful is epilation is exfoliating. I can't stress this enough. It will help reduce irritation and preventing those dreaded ingrown hairs. Luckily, this spec came with an electronic exfoliator to make life easier and I make sure to use it twice a week. I ignored this vital step during my very first experience with epilating and resulted in very ugly, angry skin; hence why I gave up. Tip 2: don't let the hairs grow too long. Anything more than 5mm, you'll be suffering afterwards with particularly angry skin. 

As for frequency, I have to do a full session approximately every 2 weeks, but as hair grows in cycles, I give it a whirl maybe twice a week for the odd pest that comes through. The battery life isn't too bad. I do need to charge it after a whole leg session, but I don't mind as it gives me a rest-bite.

I've not yet tried it on any region other than my legs. I am a certified wimp, and I cannot see myself moving on to an even more sensitive area anytime soon, although temptation is there. It really is liberating as a person who practically had to shave every 12 hours to having the freedom to whip out the legs without thinking about it.

I would love to know your experience with epilating. Have you ventured outside of the leg region?


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