Evening Skincare Routine

I keep it relatively simple when it comes to my skincare. Efficiency and effectiveness is key. To kick it all off, it has to be my favourite oil cleanser there is: The Body Shop's Chamomile Oil Cleanser. This bad boy lasts forever with a great pump, meaning you get the right amount for you. It's quick, smells great and gets removes a face full of slap (including eye make-up) without any fuss - leaving your skin feeling nourished and loved. I remove it with a hot flannel/muslin cloth et voila! 

Just for those days where I've been eyeliner or SPF heavy, I wander over to Garnier Micellar Water for a double cleanse and a guarantee you've got rid of all the muck. I wouldn't be without this - it's the best one on the high street for both size and performance. I also use it solely this for my morning cleanse with a wipe of a cotton pad and I'm good to go. 

Prior to slipping into slumber, I slather my face in all that's luscious. Without fail, I need a serum. My skin's texture and hydration level has improved dramatically since introducing a hyaluronic serum into my life.  My first love was Hydraluron, which is fab, and for me, worked perfectly. Big thumbs up. 

However, I thought I'd branch out and try something slightly more affordable - Una Brennan Neroli Intense Facial SerumThis features both hyaluronic acid and an extra ingredient: Hibiscus extract for the radiance. This serum has a slightly more silicone texture compared to the gel like texture of Hydraluron, and I feel you have to use it a bit more product to cover your face compared to its more expensive counterpart. Yet, my skin thanks me and I do avoid that dehydrated feeling. As for the radiance benefits: I like. I don't think you'll think 'wow' when you wake up, but I don't think I'll ever get that with my blank canvas.

The piéce de résistance of my routine is the Clarins Radiance Golden-Glow Boost spoken about in more detail here. This mixed in with my A/W oil of choice: Botanics Facial Oil. If you're wanting the glow factor in the morning, it's a combo I love. It packs all the moisture and nourishment your skin needs. Of course, sometimes I feel I'm not always in the need of an oil and interchange it with the equally amazing Yes to Carrots Intense Night Cream for a lightweight alternative.

To finish it all off, Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm gives me that thick overnight nourishment that I can't get from any other lip care. It really helped me with my dry, peely lips and I'm not sure if there's anything else as good as this...

Are you a fan of any of these products?


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