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My Experience:
I've been living with lower back pain for approximately a year now. At first, it was only a little twinge here and there, usually after gym sessions and I just put it down to it being an extra strong work out. 

It wasn't until early this year when carrying out my everyday activities became a bit more difficult and longer periods of walking were resulting in spasms around my spine. I gave up the deadlifts and squats for the timebeing, only for it to gradually get worse. By March, the pain was affecting my work - standing up for 9 hour stints was not doing my healing process any good and I started experiencing spasms there too.

I'm sure anyone who has also experienced lower back pain to this extent, when it strikes, you cannot simply ignore it. I remember doing the weekly shop and the pain had gotten so bad I couldn't walk - the muscles in my back were spasming so badly that they had seized up. The only way that the tension could be released is when I sat down allowing the muscles to relax, but that was just as painful. The nerves relaxing made my eyes water.

As I also suffer from poor joints, I had a huge fear that it could potentially be something degenerative, and as it was also affecting both myself, my social life and my patient OH, I needed to stop ignoring it.

Seeking Help:
Looking back, I ignored it for far too long. I kept telling myself it would get better and sort itself out, but only when it continued to get worse and trying not to scream out in pain whilst dealing with guests at work, it was time to seek professional help.

Unfortunately, when I did, I wasn't given the most helpful advice. It was difficult as we were in the process of moving across the country and my first doctor suggested physio therapy, which couldn't be transferred to my new destination. I then waited another month to visit my new doctor, who once examined me simply and said it was 'something' to do with my posture and I'd have to seek private, expensive help.

Yes, your back healthy really should be worth the expense, but I took it upon myself to search for the potential diagnosis as I could not afford escalating bills. After scrupulous researching, I discovered what it was: hyperlordosis.

Curing Hyperlordosis:
I want to add a disclaimer stating I do not recommend self diagnosis - if you can, please seek professional advice. It's just when I discovered the term and condition 'hyperlordosis', I knew it was I had been suffering with. 

Hyperlordosis is developed after continuous stress/strain is put on the lumbar causing an excessive curve of the lower back. Many causes are a result of poor form when lifting heavy weights (I was guilty of that). Kyle had previously commented on how curved my lower back was, but I thought nothing of it - just that was how I was. Not until I did further research that it was not OK and had to be rectified. The answer? Yoga and Pilates.

To help combat and reduce the curve of your spine, you need to focus on strengthening your abs, bum whilst stretching your hamstrings and hips. Despite going to the gym and pre-stretching, I couldn't believe how inflexible I was! There are designated stretches that must be done twice a day to combat, but to make it more enjoyable for me, I like to incorporate these into Yoga and Pilates sessions.

The Results
Do not expect instant results. For me, it was one and a half months before I saw results. 21st July 2015 was the day I got my life back. My greatest piece of advice whilst combatting this condition would be: don't let yourself get complacent. After I was living life pain-free again, I got slightly lazy with my sessions. I still ensured I was stretching, but not to the same extent as previously. I paid the price. Twinges came back ever so slightly. Back to stretching regularly, they dissipated once again.

I have to confess, *slaps wrists*, my obsession with getting VS Angel legs got the better of me, and I dipped my toe back into squatting and lunging. Three weeks later, my back is still paying the price. Although I concentrated on my form, and I've stretched religiously since, it was definitely too soon to re-visit the exercises that brought on the condition. Do not run before you can walk.

Nonetheless, it's still ten times better than it was. I'm eternally grateful to Yoga and Pilates. The benefits gave me my life back.

Have you had any similar experiences?


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