Midi Jumper Dress

Dress - ASOS | Body Chain - ASOS | Boots - ASOS

I've always been a fan of jumper dresses - they're so easy to throw on yet still look chic, and most importantly; they're warm. This is my newest baby to my wardrobe, and despite being almost impossible to iron, I love it. I haven't seen a piece like this before that sports both amazing quality and design. The ruched design makes it somewhat asymmetrical, which just adds that little 'something, something'.

Of course, as most of my wardrobe, it can be dressed up or down. I paired them with a pair of peep-toe boots for my day out shopping, but I feel it would look equally as good with a pair of converse or heels. I added the body chain for some extra texture and to make it more individual. An addition I seem to have been applying to all outfits recently.

Just as a side note, I've had an unfortunate disaster with a semi-permanent hair dye - combined with a hair cut catastrophe a few months ago, I've been forced to tie it into messy top-knot until it washes out and I get my arse down to the hairdressers. Hence the 'lack of effort' on the hair front in the recent/forthcoming style posts. Maybe also the reason for the heavy frown/look of disgust plastered across my face. Just for future reference, Katie; red hair is not for you.


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