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I'm back. I suppose I could justify this obscenely lengthy absence with working full-time. I'm sure if any of you working in hospitality, it's hard. Different shift patterns and being customer facing, it takes it out of you, and sometimes the last thing I felt like doing was having a silent battle with the poor lighting conditions in my flat.

But truthfully, I got lazy. I indulged a little too much in 'doing nothing' in the little spare time I had. I can safely say transition from student to employee was a shock to the system, and I wanted to hold on to as many student attributes as possible.

I've now relocated from the North-East to the North-West meaning I have had to start my life over. After a longer than anticipated stint in unemployment, I quickly realised that applying for all the jobs and watching copious amounts of Frasier was leaving me unfulfilled and annoyed at myself. This void and low self-esteem caused a few restless nights, and quite frankly, I had to have a word with myself. Buck-up. Get your arse in gear and make your own luck.  A recent incident in my family made me realise that you can't just rest on your laurels - you can't wait for opportunities to come to you. I'm usually one to steer away from clich├ęs, but it's dawned on me how prevalent it is. I have to overcome my fear of failure and make it work.

I present myself the challenge of blogging. I'm aware of the saturated market, but in all honesty, that's where the challenge lies. Being a competitive person, I suppose it drives me. Everyone deserves their place in the blogosphere and I'll try to wiggle my way in and make my own stamp. Push myself in the photography department. Hopefully on this journey, I will be able to convey my passion for both fashion and beauty and maybe dip my toe into lifestyle. 

I have to overcome my fear of failure and work at it. 

See you soon.


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