2015 Life Lessons

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A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Not one for a cliché, but 2015 has been a whirlwind of a year and I can't believe it's already almost over. Full of ups and downs, but I will certainly put it down as the year I learnt the most.

I thought I might put forward a summary of an eclectic the most valued lessons of 2015:

1. I'm not quite the horticulturalist I thought I was (rosemary needs a lot of light, apparently) - I really need to put watering the plants on a rota.

2. Nights out are for the obnoxious. I can no longer the once loved nightlife. I love nothing more than a dancing marathon, but it seems that the recent generations are insufferable! Have a good time by all means, but don't ruin others fun in the process. It's a sad reality, but I've officially hung up my dancing shoes. 

3. I need to stand out from the crowd - jobs aren't that easy to come by. A hard realisation that what I want to do isn't necessarily something available no matter how hard I try. Even with experience, competition is fierce.

4. Don't pick the first thing that comes along. If you read my 'Moving House' post, you'll understand my uphill housing battle. Yet, this is also true in other aspects such as jobs - if you're in the financial position, put your happiness first. I have this huge fear of being stuck in a dead end job, so I'm continually trying my best to gain entry into a position with real satisfaction. 

5. Prioritise myself from time to time and don't necessarily live for someone else. This is very difficult when in a committed relationship, but try to minimise those sacrifices and think about your own hopes and dreams. Resentment is the last thing you want in your relationship.

6. Being an adult is expensive and unglamorous. I haven't lived at home for quite some time now and always thought myself as independent, but being sheltered by my student bubble, it wasn't until this year that we were faced with all the grown-up bills. Yes, council tax is a pricey bugger along with replacing the car's brake pads and having to call out plumbers. Those past ASOS orders don't seem like such a good idea now.

7. I love a social life. I had been unemployed for quite some time and it wasn't until a recent visit back to Newcastle and a new job that I realised how much I really missed my friends and a general natter. I've always loved my own space, but equally, I can't deny that I love a gossip. There is an upside to the 9-5 after-all. 

8. I can be comfortable in my own skin. 2015 is when I've come into my own - I can leave the house looking like a gremlin without that paranoid feeling. I hate it when my parents are proven right, but confidence does come with age. I still have a long way to go with tackling some of my insecurities, but it's a journey I accept.

What has 2015 taught you?  


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