Beauty Favourites: Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are an everyday essential for my fine, grease prone hair. I need the texture on wash days and absorption for oily days. I've picked three of my favourites to share.

This paraben free formula is super lightweight and smells incredible. This product leaves no residue - it feels like a very modern formula compared to its powder heavy alternatives. For someone who gets quite oily roots, this doesn't work too amazingly on those days where you really should have washed your hair - I use this on wash day for more root up lift and to texturise without drying your hair out.

This is my second day dry shampoo. It has slightly more oomph than the Herbal Essences choice, but again being light and refreshing with no residue. It does deliver on its promise of some volume to the roots whilst also absorbing any level of oiliness; probably my favourite of the bunch. Good hair day in a bottle.

The closest formula to the classic Batiste - heavy duty, but no issue with doing the job. I use this on my roots only - it's a tad too drying to use as a texturiser, but when your hair resembles a chip pan, it's a must. Make sure to shake the bottle before use so you aren't hit with a powder punch, but I wouldn't be without it. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hair washing (constantly trying to preserve my hair dye) and this really does revert it to freshly washed hair paired with some serum on the ends to add a healthy shine. Mainly recommended for when you're putting your hair up - gives that extra boost. 

What are your dry shampoo favourites?


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