Lancome Juicy Shakers | Review and Swatches

 Mint To Be | Berry In Love

I was lucky enough to win these Juicy Shakers when Lancome had just released them. I received two shades: Mint to Be and Berry In Love. In all honesty, probably not shades I would pick up, but have been pleasantly surprised. They are very sheer, which makes me question the need for such an extensive shade range (you can see from the swatches how sheer they are) but pretty nonetheless. 

When I first received Mint To Be (limited edition), I couldn't get my head around the idea of a blue lipgloss - almost clear when swatched, but on the lips, it does leave a blue hue where you look like you've been out in the cold for too long. However, I later found out that its purpose is to use it to make your teeth whiter. Yes! Genius idea really. I pair these with my orange toned, matte lipsticks to help the teeth out and I think it works quite well. Berry In Love is a true berry colour that would work for most skin tones. Would look lovely paired with another similar shade lippy to bring it out even more.

The application process is something to be admired and for me, their main selling point. After shaking, the super soft sponge applicator absorbs the formula and glide around the contours of your lips with such ease, you won't need a mirror. Their formula is the most lightweight gloss I've experienced making them very comfortable. With that, their lasting power isn't phenomenal - I got about 2 hours wear without any food or drink, but that doesn't really bother me as they fade evenly. I think my biggest gripe about them is that they're supposed to be nourishing lip oils, but I found them to be pretty drying. I noticed that they left a film that needed to peel away, which is as unattractive as it sounds. I have pretty dry lips anyway, so I always need the extra help where I can get it and therefore, they slightly let me down. They do however, smell lovely and not overly artificial.

Overall, I would recommend these as an odd treat to experience something new. Are they mind blowing? No. Would I purchase one myself? Probably not. I do think they're pretty overpriced as I don't see personally don't feel lipgloss is something to invest in. However, one for the birthday or Christmas list maybe. 

Have you tried the shakers? Let me know your thoughts.


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