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Continuing the series of my top 5 favourites, I thought I'd introduce you to my go-to hair styling products. I was really tempted to throw my entire collection in here as I love everything in my routine, but these are the options I reach for without fail to keep the dryness at bay. These are products I use to keep my locks in check pre and post blow dry. 

OK, Dove. I have an axe to grind. This product is the bomb-diggity and you decide to discontinue it? Why? Seems a little bit illogical to scrap something that was so loved, but that seems to be the way with a lot of lines at the mo. Even though this exact product is no longer around, I thought I'd share. This lightweight spray is scrumptious, healthy locks in a bottle. Refreshes and nourishes my hair even in between washes, stopping my ends from drying out. The link above is to its alternative, which I will be giving a go once this has come to an end *wipes tear*.

I really do love what Dove has to offer and this serum is a bit of an all star. A really great, non-sticky serum with heat protection. For those many times when I need to add some sheen to my mane, this is the product to grab. Seriously recommend. Makes my hair feel soft and protected whilst adding that all important healthy glow whilst not weighing it down. It encompasses all my hair care needs in one bottle. Must buy.

I fell in love with this product after my hairdresser used it on me to give me that root lift I love. If you've got fine hair that tends to be a bit limp, this is for you. I would recommend spraying this from afar on to your hair and roots and blow dry as normal. It doesn't go as sticky as a lot of volumising products I have found, but I would still recommend having a fairly light hand, particularly on your roots. You don't need too much to give the desired boosted effect. It leaves my hair soft to touch and smells like you've just stepped out of the salon. It benefits from added heat protection too.

This baby is moisturiser for your hair. My hair, although soft, tends to be pretty dry and I need all the help I can get. I was 'umming' and 'arghing' about it as it's not the cheapest, but a little goes a long way and it's proving to be good value. Just like a moisturiser in texture, it helps to keep optimum moisture levels within your hair. It is super light weight and nourishing. I like that you can add it into dry hair too, so you can grab it when your locks need some life.

Cheap as chips and an amazing texturising spray. It feels like a fab dry shampoo without the drying element to it. I add to this after I've styled my hair throughout the layers and give it a good ruffle, leaving me with lovely texture and volume without the crispy factor. Whether I've blow dried my hair straight or added a curl, I feel like this product increases the life expectancy of any look. 

Have you tried any of these? I'd love to know your styling favourites.


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