Hair Favourite: Babyliss Big Hair

I've had this baby in my life for over a year now and honestly, I don't want to imagine life without it. I rarely touch my straighteners as a result - it gives me, someone who is inept at blow drying their hair that sleeker salon finish, which is both better for my hair and probably more flattering. My hair naturally can be dry, a tad frizzy and kinks all over the place. However, with the Babyliss Big Hair, I manage to get great volume with a healthy shine that lasts all day.

With two heat (including spin speeds), and a cool option to set as well as two buttons to change the spin direction, this wonder brush is also great for those with curlier locks who need the extra boost to get the job done.

I tend to use it after I've dried my hair 80% and on the first heat setting as it seems to be enough to manipulate it. I then move the brush, whilst spinning, up and down small sections of hair to create the smooth style I want. For the whole head, it takes me just under 10 minutes to achieve either a sleek or voluminous finish. It may take a couple times to get the hang of it, but I recommend watching a couple YouTube demonstrations first to understand the knack.

I know there are quite a few hot spinning brushes on the market at the minute, but I'm more than happy with this option. I prefer the softer bristles as they seem to really add a sheen to the hair and I have never found my hair gets tangled up. What I like most about the product is that it is for everyone - I'm not one for an overly perfected finish, so it does give me that second day texture, but I know that with those with longer hair, you'll be able to put in some beautiful waves too.

The rave reviews speak for themselves. Highly recommend if you're looking for that salon finish everyday. 

I should also finish by apologising for the derp pictures - I recently dyed my hair dark brown again (needed the warmth taken out of it) and didn't think about how little detail would be picked up whilst photographing. Oops. Therefore, the finished photos are not what I wanted them to be. Sorry.

Have you tried the Big Hair? What are your thoughts on styling brushes?


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