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I've always been a bit obsessed with what people eat in a day and as I recently opted for a plant-based diet, I thought maybe my meals might be a little more interesting for some. Yes, I'm still getting all of my protein and goodness in, even more so now probably than I was before, because I'm more conscious and considerate about what I feed myself. I thought I would show you a typical example of what I consume in a day. And kudos to those food bloggers - it's not an easy photograph topic; I have a long way to go. 

I pretty much opt for porridge every morning - it's filling and an opportunity to get some extra fibre, protein and vitamins in. I make mine with soy/coconut milk and add milled linseed (£1.99 from Aldi), frozen berries and a handful of nuts and raisins. After cooking, I put a dash of Sweet Freedom syrup in - I love it. 

Along with breakfast, I always go for a green tea. Green teas with something extra such as Twinings Apple and Pear Green Tea is a firm favourite and so morish - worse things to be addicted to, I guess. Helps to detox and set me up for the day. 

On this day, Kyle and I ventured to our local Asda and picked up some reduced veg and with a huge craving for stir fry, I made a hearty portion of lunch. I love how quick they are to make.

I quick fried some green beans, pak choi and tender stem broccoli along with some vegan chicken style pieces in garlic, rapeseed oil and a knob of dairy free butter. Light yet filling - kept me going all afternoon. 

Leftover lemon and veggie risotto

I'm a huge risotto fan - you can make them in bulk with any additions and they're so comforting and satisfying. For me, it's always about the lemon and this dish is no exception. I added pretty much any veggies I had to use up in the fridge and in this instance: leeks, broccoli, spinach, diced tomato and pepper. It's a great way to get the goodness in whilst packing a flavour punch. 

1. Fry off the leek(s) in garlic and oil.
2. Add 1/2 cup risotto rice until translucent and absorbed the remaining fat. Whilst doing this, I also boil the kettle.
3. Slowly add a good glug of the boiling water and stir occasionally - continue doing this until rice is tender.
4. Add vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste.
5. Zest 1 lemon and add juice (I add a hella lot, so if you're not as much of a fan off citrus, just taste as you go along). 

Risottos do take longer than your average meal to make, but I kind of like that as it means I can crack on with the washing up whilst it simmers away.

Asda Free-From chocolate orange buttons (heaven on earth)
Nakd Bakewell Bar (seriously, how are these 1 of your 5 a day? Amazing)
Copious amounts of green tea

In this instance, it is a pretty healthy day - a couple times a week, I will be a bit lazy and put a ready-made bean burger and veg in the oven along with a few bits of chocolate and biscuits. For me, it's all about balance and to make sure my body is fed enough and cravings met so I don't opt for animal products. I've seen wondrous results already - become leaner (although that's not what I set out to do, just a bonus), my skin brighter and hair shinier.

I hope this has been interesting. I've been dying to add recipes and more foody posts since the beginning - let me know what you think.


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