Pamper Yourself | Nail Care Must Haves

If I'm totally honest, I find doing my nails a bit of a chore - hate the process love the results. Luckily, I've found myself a nail routine and products that make the task less laborious. 

I tend to paint my nails about once a week (mainly for outfit photoshoots at the weekends) and during the week, before bed, I'll attend to the cuticles and apply Boots Cuticle Oil  after shaping with my crystal nail file. If you haven't yet bought this Leighton Denny number, please invest. You may think £12.50 is a bit excessive for a nail file, but with its lifetime guarantee and ability to smooth nails like nothing before, it's hella worth it. Helps with nail breakage too, making your nails that little bit stronger. I couldn't be without.

Talking of nail strengthening: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure is the dream. I purchased this after a love affair with gel nails which led me to needing a pure miracle to sort out the brittle, weak surfaces I once called nails and the product lives up to its name. I also agree with its claim that it gets to work within 3 days. If your nails are in desperate need, apply once a day, but in my current routine, I simply use this as a base coat and it works really well!

Another shout out to the babe Sally, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. Seriously, this is worth the hype - makes your manicure last that couple extra days whilst setting your polish in place within a couple of minutes. My pet hate is waiting an hour for your nails to dry and still getting a pillow smudge. This is a saving grace. 

What's a nail pamper session without hand cream? I've been a fan of this Wilko's own brand Q10 cream for years now - I haven't felt the need to go for anything more high end. It smells great and sinks in super quickly so not to leave you with that slippery feeling. For 50p, it's a yes from me.

What are your nail pamper must haves?


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