City Break Style Wishlist

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know Kyle and I have booked Berlin for 4 nights in September - yay! We both have the travel bug and it's become a passion. What does travel mean other than food and an opportunity to fill your Instagram feed? New style additions of course! I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with wardrobe currently, but I have noticed a few holes - needing just a few extra statement pieces just to jazz it up a bit. I also notice that I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to clothes that crease, so that's gotta change too. Comfort and versatility is my number one thing and so a maxi, oversized cardigan and dungarees are the one. And what do black boots not go with?! 

Backpacks aren't really my style, but I think my back will thank me and there are some fairly nice ones on the market. The thing I like the most about the ASOS one is it has the gold clasp for extra security, minimising that pick pocket risk. And how fit is that swimsuit?! YES. Well done, Missguided, well done! We've seen there are de-constructed shipping containers made into swimming pools! I already love Berlin. Any excuse to try them out.

As well as style bits, I need a couple beauty additions; an all-in-one moisturiser (hand luggage restrictions) and a light-sheer base just because I hate wearing all that much make up whilst traipsing cities. I'm one of those who just likes to get up and go when I'm away - there's just so much city to see and this Urban Decay number looks perfect: healthy looking skin is my love. 

What's your city break style?


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