Staying Motivated

Staying motivated is something I have a constant battle with. Working full time to pay those bills whilst trying to maintain those social media interactions and dealing with general day-to-day affairs isn't always a fun fair. Yes, it may be first world problems, but sometimes life can seem to be a competitive battle and you've got to keep up. It can get a little much, which is why I've taken a little bit of a break to re-evaluate and found a few things that helped me find my mojo again.

1. Remember why you're doing it
Whatever 'it' is, just remembering why you started or what you could gain from it is so important to contributing to your motivation and can also help you with productivity. Whether this is regards to your career or blogging, I know that even though the task is daunting or somewhat tedious, you know if you do it well and work hard, the positive outcome will give you that little boost you need. When I'm moping around calculating the years you spend at work, I remember that hair appointment I desperately need and my ASOS addiction, or at the weekend when I just want to sit down and watch Power, I think about all the benefits of enhancing the blog.

2. Have something to look forward to
When you only end up having 3 hours a day of down-time, you can get lost in a humdrum routine and that positive vibe is soon gone. It's important to give you something to look forward to so you're always looking ahead and not dwell. Kyle and I try to aim for 2 breaks away a year as well as little somethings in between (usually meals out and cinema dates, but hey). I'm not one of those people who can work months on end without time off. It may not be the healthiest thing to count down the days in your life, but it keeps me somewhat sane and nothing gives me that oomph knowing I have a week off looming.

3. Say Yes more
My God I can get myself into a negative space when I want to be and like to think of all the reasons of why not to go for something that seems that little bit scary. Yesterday I attended the #Livhelps blogging event that I was ridiculously nervous about - my weird little mind went straight to thinking about what could go wrong. Luckily, I reached out to a fellow blogger Marie who was also an event virgin and we went in together, mingled and found a group of utter babes. I had such a good time with Sammy being a gracious, welcoming host and I surprised myself at not being the socially inept goon I usually think myself as. It was so nice to be able to be yourself around a group of like minded individuals and just have a laugh. We also bagged ourselves some prizes and goody bags as well as inside know-how and an invite to the next big event (which may have led to a bit of a panic camera upgrade purchase). Knowing what an amazing community is out there has motivated me no end and something I want to continually be a part of. There are endless opportunities and opened my eyes to what jumping outside of your comfort zone can result in.


OK, so not really groundbreaking, but I apply this to both personal and professional life and it helps get my head space back in check...along with copious Netflix marathons of course.


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