It's All About the Boots

I saw these boots, my heart raced, I stammered in disbelief - it was love. Then payday came, I made my move and they were mine forever. I love that feeling when you something stops you in its tracks and you know you just need it otherwise misery will descend. It genuinely makes me sad if I find 'the one', but I let it slip for either being too poor or talking myself out of it. My general rule is - if I have nothing similar, it's gonna last and I can it pretty much anywhere, it's coming home with me. These leopard babies fit into that category. They're one of the few animal print boots I've seen that have the look of quality about them - the pony fabric is fab and the contrast between colours, perfect. Just I hate that bedding them in period - stretching them out is needed! 

You may know by now if I'm wearing something statement, I try to down play the rest of the outfit keeping it tailored yet neutral. And a huge yes to finally being able to whip out the blanket scarves and coats again - a blogger cliché, but Autumn really wins for style, but boo for the shorter days.

Boots - ASOS | Jeans - ASOS | Scarf - H&M | Jumper - ASOS

I also fell in love with something that wasn't clothing this week - Chester. We've lived in the North West for over a year now, but only just managed to get ourselves to the beautiful city this weekend. Crazy considering it's so cheap on the train from Liverpool. I surprised Kyle with a little date day and got lucky with glorious weather too. It's now up there with my favourite places in the UK. If you're a fan of York and Durham, Chester will be right up your street - it has everything from Zara to all the cafes and traditional pubs. It's quaint yet thriving. We spent the day eating, wandering and dog stalking. Highly recommend.

Are you on board with the leopard print boot? What's your Autumn staple?


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