7 Years In | An Ode to My Better Half

Happy Anniversary to us. It's been a bit of a whirlwind 7 years - one of those where it's gone by so quickly, but can also barely remember a time before each other. I've really tried some good photos of us together, but we have about 5 to our name. Really needs to change. We're a bit of a cringe - went to primary school together, both moved away from Lincolnshire, both came back at the same time and although we lived in the same village, we weren't friends until we ended up in 6th form together. A couple drunken nights out and a smooch initiated by me (apparently), the rest is history. Quickly found that we're both a couple of goons with a sense of humour only us find amusing. We've grown up together and moulded to one another's lives, which is pretty crazy considering where we've been and what we've gone through.

I guess a key thing would be is that we're not game players. I know a few people who always try to get one up on their person of interest, wanting the one to be in control but that sounds so exhausting. Who has the time? I respect Kyle too much to even go there. When it comes to actual games such as Pool or a session on the PS3, we're both fiercely competitive so I'm always the one wanting to come out on top there...but in the main, we're big on communicating everything. I still think about him constantly during the day and think of all the weird stories/anecdotes to rush home and tell him about. Best friends for sure.

I'm so lucky to have someone who first and foremost loves dogs and the ability to speak fluent 'Friends' quotes as much as I do. Yes, dog lovers are aplenty out there, but our appreciation is a little more embedded. Sending each other stranger dog updates whether through photo or accurate written descriptions. Not just that, he puts up with my obsession for my fajita stained dressing gown; hatred for general house chores and that I may 'forget' to shave for numerous days (or weeks).

We can be a good influence on each other in the sense we want to achieve our goals, but our similarities of slobby-ness can sometimes get in the way. Apart from his lack of passion for food, we have the same outlook and passions for life; to be surrounded by dogs, to have lived abroad and be self-sufficient. Annoyingly the dude is good at everything; academics, graphic design and management in his professional life. I'm so proud of what he's achieved that I could burst, particularly when he started making his own prints, teaching himself new skills and continuously pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

What I'm trying to get at is he's a good egg. Someone who keeps me relatively level, motivates me when I need it and generally keeps me sane. Not to be overdramatic, but he's my all and it's my biggest fear of losing him. Not everyone should be defined by their relationship and nor would I recommend it - there's a lot I've given up for 'us' but it's my priority. There are a lot of things that drive people such as their career, but for me, what gets me through my day is that I get to escape home and see my hairy little schmoo sitting on the couch not doing the washing up. I really shouldn't take him for granted as he's a gem. No relationship is perfect - we get frustrated with each other on occasion, but don't sweat the small stuff. When you know, you know. Thanks for the first 7 years, lob - it's been a ball.


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