Homeware Wishlist

Top row: Rug | Light Shade | Bedding | Wall Hanging
Middle: Basket | Sofa | Print 

Are wishlists still a thing nowadays? I personally still enjoy reading them - it's an easy way to get some inspo other than from Pinterest. I've recently fallen out of love with clothes shopping finding it a slight chore and rather spend my time trawling around Home Sense and thrift markets to find the odd, quirky homeware bits. I'll admit, Kyle and I have been living like students for many years now, wondering why we keep moaning about the house instead of trying to make it more of a home. We're not planning on moving out from our small rented house any time soon, so let's put some effort in making the charmless box slightly more cosy.

We've been rugless for so long and a little scared to spend too much as we're can be a little careless especially as we're sofa eaters and that's where we plan for it to go. I've been searching for a good month now and that H&M number would fit so well and really finish the living room off along with the rustic wooden shelves. It's time I found a place to actually place my books. You wouldn't think we've lived here for a year and a half... And to throw a dash of colour in, that perfect pink storage basket so the extra throws have somewhere to live.  Oh and when I catch Kyle in a good mood, maybe he'll finally cave and admit we need a new sofa set; corner couch with a love seat is the dream. I want to be finally Instagram the full transformation!

Anyone else a print obsessor? Who doesn't have a gallery wall nowadays, but I'm pretty fussy when it comes to completing ours. Just trying to find the right design and frame. My absolute favourite designs (other than Kyle's) come from Lysergic, located in Berlin. Amazingly high quality, printed on cotton so to create a longer lasting design - they stray away from the generic palm print; unique and up our street completely. We came across Dylan's stall in the famous Mauer Park flea market - he was super helpful and if it wasn't for hand luggage restrictions, we would have come home with a good few. Got to support those entrepreneurs, people. And the shipping costs to the UK are very reasonable. 


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