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If you follow me on social media, you would have seen that Kyle and I recently took a trip back to our favourite city, Berlin. If you ready my previous post about it last year, it has a huge place in our hearts; somewhere where you don't have to worry about your eyebrows being done or even if your shoes/jeans go together. Without trying to sound like a complete knob, it's a place where you can just go to be yourself and have a moment of self reflection; it's not about the materials. Very few people walk about on their phones (usually just the tourists) and people share experiences like I haven't really seen before. It's natural and when I think about it, the way I would like to live my life if given the opportunity.

Berlin gushing aside, this trip I took the plunge and agreed to stay in a hostel. Kyle had done the whole hostel living before, but with friends so it was important to find somewhere a little more couple friendly and if I'm being honest, a little less on the party side. I'm no longer the night owl I once was. I thought it might be of interest to some to see what clothing I managed to squeeze in my hand luggage for the 4 days we went, which will be followed by a toiletries post.

Berlin experiences real summers, so I packed for the hotter weather; maxi skirt and some smart/casual black trousers and a pair of jeans for just-in-case was all I needed. Oh, and a light pair of pyjamas obviously.

Kyle and I are big techno lovers, so hitting a club like About Blank (an incredible place to check out FYI), you want to dress understated and practical. The clubbing scene in Berlin is the opposite to what it is here - heels are a no go and even anything of colour. You want to dress like you're there for the music, because at the end of the day, that's what it should be about - it's the sole focus of your night. Therefore, dark trousers or shorts, plain top and black trainers would be a go-to. Believe me when I say they have strict door policies, the guys on the door take themselves seriously and will not let anyone in they feel doesn't fit into their vibe.

Despite Berlin (and me) favouring the whole neutral/black toned clothes thing, I thought I'd break the boundaries and add a little colour - all relatively simple and interchangeable in the sense that they all went with my trousers/skirt of choice. It's so important to be comfortable when you're away in the heat - long days walking around sight seeing, I didn't want to be restricted in any way. Let yourself be free to enjoy the good stuff. I found 3 tops enough to cover me for the 3 nights (excluding my little pj top of course). 

With it being July, I kept the jackets light. But I still have to have something cosy. This old Topshop number pretty much goes everywhere with me. It's comfy and cosy, two must haves in my book. Something that I will never fall out of love with.

And for the rainier periods away, my light black rain jacket from Forever 21 came in mightily handy. Weighs nothing and doesn't take up any space in the hand luggage - the perfect city break piece. The hood may not cover my moon head, but it still came in handy.

A pair of trainers and micro socks along with a comfortable pair of sandals that you can rely on. Easy. Unfortunately I gave my trainers a second chance and they let me down, which is why plasters should also be packed. Don't make the same mistake: Berlin is a huge city and even with the metro Day Saver tickets, you will end up walking miles. I don't want to admit it, but it might be time to invest in an Adidas/Nike pair - I just hate the thought of forking out for them. Are they really worth it?

Staying in hostels, some provide towels, most don't. Ours didn't and Kyle had had a great experience with travel towels. Microfibre towels that absorb and dry super quickly so you don't have to worry about it not drying in your room - an hour after your shower, it's ready for round two. I got ours from ebay in the large sizes and I couldn't recommend more - a must when travelling on the cheap.

Also, buying a good quality medium sized padlock for the lockers in your room is a must. Gives you that extra piece of mind when you're out and about because as much as your roommates may seem like gems, you just never know. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Oh, and don't forget your plug adaptors. Couldn't tell you how many people you hear out and about forgetting to take these. Numero uno on my travel list. 

Unlike my first trip to Berlin, I made sure sunglasses were a high priority on my packing list. As you may have noticed from previous posts, sunglasses rarely leave my face and they're an item that I have a bit of a collection problem. The wonderful people from GlassesShop were great enough to send a pair for me and obviously, I opted for a more androgynous look, going for a more retro choice. I was drawn to the glasses frames and the fact I don't own a light lensed pair so these were a great change for me. Super light weight and good quality, they're a favourite. A really helpful website that offer a huge range of glasses (or eyeglasses if you're outside of the UK) including prescription sunglasses which can be a faff to find. 

If you're searching for some eyeglasses online and could do with 50% off, enter the code GSHOT50 upon checkout at GlassesShop.com for a bargain (excluding sale frames). 

Another successful and bitter sweet trip to Berlin over. I truly love the city and if you don't mind being offered weed everywhere you go and actually revel in graffiti, industrially decorated areas, it's somewhere you should look at going to. It's so hard to say goodbye. Luckily it's also very cheap and quick to travel to, so we will meet again this year sometime.

The hostel we stayed in, Jetpak Alternative was absolutely fab - a perfect hostel to introduce me into that world. Clean, great staff, free breakfast and comfortable beds, I would highly recommend to all.


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