Avon Solutions Ageless Bloom Eye Cream

So, I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite products right now - Avon's Solutions Ageless Bloom Eye Cream, unfortunately now strangely discontinued despite being a beautiful product, but available on eBay (via the link).

This little baby firmly holds its place in my evening skin care routine, and it's definitely for night time due to its thick consistency and it doesn't necessarily sink in immediately. It's ultra moisturising and conditioning, which I'm always in need of since I seem to be cursed with continuous watery eyes, and honestly, so much goes a long way - half the application amount you would normally use and that's really all you need.

In terms of the ageing, wrinkle-filling benefits it supposedly delivers, I am unable to comment as you may have already noticed, I'm a baby-faced 22 year old, but I can definitely feel a somewhat tightening feeling around the eyes - in a good way of course! I always like to include preventative products in my skin care regimes.
With this, I feel my eyes are ready for the next day ahead helping out with puffiness and dark circles, even if I'm lacking a good night's kip.

If you're on the hunt for a bargain eye cream, I would recommend this, and check out Avon's other ranges - they're a very much forgotten brand for some people and their quality is pretty good (I love their haircare ranges).

Are there any Avon gems that you're loving?


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